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Why Every Shepherd Needs A Llama

A Shepherd is in charge of a flock. It is his/her job to direct, lead, and feed their herd. More importantly, it is their job to keep their flock safe. They have to be sure a sheep does not wander off and get lost. They have to care for the wounded sheep. They have to protect their flock from predators; wolves! This can be a very daunting and tiring task. A shepherd can often not do this alone. Historically, Shepherds worked in teams. Several Shepherds were hired for one flock. Much like the church today, Pastors also have a staff, team of leaders, and an elder board or board members to help shepherd "the flock." But, do you have a llama!?

Modern day Shepherds and farmers are finding llama's to be very helpful in tending to a flock. They are excellent herdsman. Llama's are also very brave and confident animals. They are super strong and can carry a heavy load. They directly confront predators and keep the sheep safe. They act a Shepherd's'right-hand' man; confronting, guarding, and bearing loads.

Do you have a llama for your flock? Do you have a point person to help guard for 'wolves in sheep's clothing', to help you in confronting in love when needed, to guard your sermon-prep times, your Sunday mornings right before you get up to preach, and your family. Do you have someone who helps bear your load. Maybe you have more then one Llama to help with these tasks. Maybe you don't have any. If that is you, start praying now for God to send you 'a llama' in your ministry. Someone trustworthy, holy-spirit-driven and God-sent; that understands the task set before them and feels clearly called to it.

God sent Moses, Aaron, to help hold up his arms and staff when the weight and length of parting the Red Sea was just too much. God sent, David, Jonathan, when life was too heavy, lonely, and dangerous to bear on his own. God sent Paul, Barnabas, to be his guard, his buffer, an encourager, and his bridge to reach the believers he was called to when at first all they saw was Paul's past and knew only of his sins. God knows the path marked before you. He will equip you.... and maybe, just maybe send you a llama or two.

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