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We all have a story that is part of the ultimate story – God’s story!  Tate's story can also be seen within God's grand story of: Creation, Fall, Redemption and Creation.  As you listen to him share his story below, hear how it follows the pattern of the story of God.   


Tate experienced great loss and much emotional trauma and misdirection at a young age. This distorted his self perception — he felt as if he couldn’t measure up, leading to depression, drug use and suicidal thoughts. School lost priority, which led him to the Crossing.


At the Crossing school, Tate experienced teachers and staff who cared for, invested in, and loved him! He was introduced to Jesus and the love He has for him. His new relationship with Jesus is changing him and how he sees himself – loved by God!


 We have partnered with The Crossing School of Business & Entrepreneurship to help empower and equip students to replace their pain with purpose and how to use their story for His glory.


  If you would like to donate to this cause you may also do so by clicking on this link.

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