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Luke 9:23 Ministries began just like many of your ministries — seeing a need that God called us to fill. Ministries open and close everyday because they try to do ministry alone or just aren't properly equipped to handle the administration of their ministry. This is why we strive to be the one-stop administrative service provider for churches and faith-based ministries around the country — so that you can focus on spreading the love of Jesus Christ through your ministry.

Luke staff in prayer


Luke 9:23 Ministries is a para-church ministry that provides supportive services to churches and faith-based ministries that desire to fulfill the Great Commission.


We seek to bridge the gap between ministry and administration as we equip and empower healthy, dynamic, and sustainable ministries as they take up their cross daily and follow Jesus. (Luke 9:23)

Luke staff


We provide essential knowledge, resources, and

professional services unique to the needs of ministries by providing a path to achieve their mission through establishing a firm foundation and adhering to the principles of transparency, compliance, and best practices.


We work toward the long-term growth and success of those we serve, our ministry, and our team members by encouraging and honoring through our efforts the Biblical principles of charity. (Matthew 22:39, I Corinthians 13:13, Philippians 2:3, 1 Peter 3:8)

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