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Small & Medium Churches

Starting a church or faith-based ministry can be overwhelming — especially when it comes to the legal process. Luke 9:23 Ministries walks alongside those we serve to start them off with a strong foundation. We ensure that your governing documents and policies are designed to protect your ministry, while covering all the bases in a way you can easily understand.

Articles of Incorporation


Your Articles of Incorporation, which are formed under state laws, provides you a strong legal shield, ensuring your limited legal liability, and protecting you and your members. We carefully design your Articles of Incorporation to reflect your mission while ensuring you meet all State and federal requirements.

Employer Identification Number (EIN)

We obtain your personal federal EIN. This number is used to identify your ministry and is needed for business and federal purposes. As an exempt organization this number enables you to take tax deductible tithes and offerings. 


Your bylaws are the rules of law adopted for regulation and governance of the internal affairs for your ministry. We personally design bylaws that carry the vision of your ministry, protect your ministry, and maintain the State requirements.


We design essential policies that help establish and protect your ministry, board of directors, and those helping lead your ministry.

Federal Tax-Exempt Status

Obtaining federal tax exemption has become more difficult and complex in recent years. With our experience and expertise in this area we have made this process very easy for those ministries we serve. We prepare all the necessary documentation to secure your ministries exempt status.


We have developed a unique, consultative approach designed to secure your exempt status and help you form your ministry on a solid foundation.

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